It is tragic to know that many teenagers in Pakistan are becoming addicted to drugs, heroin, tobbaco and alcohol. Harmful effects of these things compel them to lead humdrum life. There are several reasons for taking drugs; when parents of teenagers don’t meet their demands or expectations they begin to take drugs with the help of friends.

Secondly, parents don’t give them much time and remain unacquinted with their activities and this creates sense of inferiority complex. This matter is of the paramount importance. It has been reported that girls in the university hostels have been taking drugs. Drug abuse has become common in educational institutes in Pakistan.

In 2019, Mehran University student: Shoaib Ali Soomro died of accident ;local driver of jeep was drug addicted so he couldn’t control the jeep and Shoaib left poor parents mourning and saddening. Driver flew away from incident. There are several families who have been suffering from this abuse and their breadwinners are drug addicted. Who take these things their self-esteem go into pieces. Government has been failed to control drug selling.

Therefore, I request here, government must go to great pains to control druggie and who sell these harmful things because teenagers are asset of future.