Lahore                 -             A gang of criminals playing an old trick to deprive people of their belongings is learnt to be active nowadays in Lahore’s Sanda area and its adjoining precincts.

The gangsters keep roaming around Bund Road and stop motorists on one or the other pretext. As soon as the driver stops the vehicle the gangsters take his all belongings away.

In a similar occurrence, these gangsters robbed a realtor while he was on his way home.

“I was driving my car through Sanda streets to reach home when two pedestrians signalled me to stop while informing me as if something at the rear side of car is damaged,” the realtor Arslan Asif said. He maintained that he was busy checking when the duo stormed into the car and ran away after picking up his wallet which he had placed on the dash board.

“While the robbery was in progress and I was about to start a chase of the duo two other pedestrians appeared on the scene and got me engaged with them. They were telling me as the escaping criminals were known to them,” the young realtor described the bizarre situation that he faced the other day in a quite busy neighbourhood.

The crime victim said he had got suspected of the sudden appearance of another duo and decided not to leave his car behind. “I developed suspicion that the second duo might have been hand in glove with the duo taking my wallet away. I thought the next duo will take away my car so I decided to leave the spot as immediate as possible,” Asif said, adding he already had lost Rs.8,000 which were present in his wallet along with his National Identity Card and the car’s documents.

To add to the misery of the crime-hit young man the Sanda police at first refused case registration. Finally, the crime victim revealed, the police pressured him to lodge the case without mentioning the worth of looted cash. It was after quite long hectic efforts of putting in references that the police initiated its proceedings and registered a case.