ISLAMABAD                  -               A one-day seminar on first aid and sports was organised by the Medical Wing of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

At the seminar, all technical staff of the PSB medical staff was briefed about providing first aid during the game. The coordinator of seminar, the sports psychologist, provided technical staff with detailed information on all aspects of the game, such as coping and rehabilitation during an emergency, making the athlete mentally stronger in order to make the recovery possible, which, in turn, can have positive effects on the health of the player as well as improve overall performance.

Sporting physiotherapist Dr Manan provided detailed information on emergency treatment at the ground only for the injured player of the game. In addition, the participant and medical staff were provided with detailed information on measures such as blood pressure, body temperature, ointment during the game.

At the seminar, Dr Abdullah, chairman of the civil society, gave a detailed briefing on first aid and pain relief in the game. “It is a pleasure to have such seminars on the sports board that we are not only encouraging our technical staff on sports and athlete-related mental and medical issues, but also the athletes,” said sports psychologist Qurat-ul-Ain. She thanked IPC Minister Fehmida Mirza and PSB DG Amna Imran for taking personal interest and encouraging in holding such seminars.