KARACHI                     -                 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi General Secretary and member of the Sindh Assembly Saeed Afridi said on Monday the Sindh government had done everything it could do to destroy port city’s industrial zones. “Protection of fundamental rights of the working class is not being ensured. Site Area, Port Qasim, Korangi Industrial Area, Nukrachi Industrial Area and Pak Colony Sohrab Goth are some of the industrial areas where people have been compelled to drink water contaminated with chemicals,” he said, and accused the provincial government of not playing its role to prevent this from happening.

PTI legislator said a conspiracy was at work to dent the production of industrial units so that the wheel of the country’s economy could be jammed. “Labourers are not paid bonuses, and even if salaries are paid, these are not paid on time, leading to strikes and protests in industrial zones,” he regretted. He counseled the provincial minister of commerce that instead of criticizing, he should better focus on the issues confronting the labourers. He regretted that the country’s largest revenue generating city had been eclipsed by the incompetency of the Sindh government.