Kavita Puri, like so many others before her, talks about the racism that immigrant communities face when they first arrived in large numbers in the 1960s.This does the vast majority of the British a lot of injustice people who did their best to help the new migrants settle down. They signed up to teach English, teachers paid extra attention to immigrant children, health workers treated vulnerable and elderly people with extreme compassion.

For example, the city of Leicester housed tens of thousands of people fleeing Uganda. The conservative government of Ted Heath has done remarkable work in regulating those expelled from the Idi Amin regime. Employers hired the newcomers with little knowledge of English and let them bloom. A large number of people from the Indian subcontinent and East Africa ventured into business and flourished.

The new generation born in this country has reached everyone’s imagination. They have broken many glass ceilings. Yes you will get the occasional abuse thrown at you or there will be unpleasant people in all walks of life, but how can that be representative of the entire country?

On the other hand, minorities can also have errors and it remains their responsibility to join the mainstream. They must respect the ethos and nuances of the people of the country in which they live. Although they do not deny that there were and are issues, the story total hostility does not prevail against control.