HANGU - At least 17 people were killed and 30 others injured as a result of sectarian clashes in Hangu, southern district of NWFP. The clashes erupted between Shia and Sunni tribes late Friday evening, which continued till Saturday morning. The officials have imposed curfew in the area and convened a Jirga for reconciliation. Despite curfew, people from rival sects are engaged in targeting each other's positions and localities with modern and sophisticated weapons. The unconfirmed reports reveal that more than two dozen were killed. However, the officials have confirmed from 16 to 17 casualties so far. The clashes erupted in Hangu when the personnel of law enforcing agencies opened fire in the air for dispersing the Shia people who were insisting on entrance to Hangu from Kohat side. The Shias were insisting to assist the other Shias who were protesting against banning of Ashura processions. According to the unconfirmed reports, around 30 people from both sides were killed and a large number of others were injured. The killed persons besides others included Mufti Rustam Khan, an active leader of Tehrik Taliban Hangu chapter. Maulvi Omar Hayat and Maulvi Hussain Asghar of Sunni Tehrik are also included amongst the killed persons. The Commissioner Kohat has convened an emergency Jirga of elders for resolving the dispute and declaring ceasefire with immediate effect. The Jirga is being attended by elders from both Shia and Sunni communities.