ISLAMABAD - The forthcoming Senate elections have helped silencing the top political guns for a while, as the power struggle between President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani could adversely affect the party performance in Senate polls scheduled for March, sources within the ruling party confided to TheNation. They said some senior PPP leaders had played a significant role in overcoming the differences between both the President and Prime Minister over constitutional powers to run day-to-day government affairs. "PPP senior leaders and Federal Ministers Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Advisor on Interior Rehman Malik held meetings with the PM and communicated message of the President to wait till March after which he (PM) would be delegated his powers," a reliable source stated. However, another source in the ruling coalition was pessimistic about the temporary truce between both the top PPP leaders. He feared that a bitter time was ahead once the polls for the Upper House were completed. "I don't think that Zardari will return his powers to the Premier. After March, the actual power tussle will start between the two leaders," he insisted. The ruling PPP is rejecting the reports of having differences between the President and PM. Even PM Gilani, while talking to reporters the other day, had contradicted the reports of any controversy with Presidency. "What I am doing is according to rules of business," the PM had added while answering a question. There will be elections on 50 seats of the Senate in March, as half of the Senators are retiring. PPP, the leading ruling party, is eyeing on gaining maximum seats in the coming elections to secure two-thirds majority with the support of its allies. According to reports, the former ruling PML-Q will be the ultimate loser in the scheduled Senate elections. Some parties, which boycotted the 2008 general elections and are having no members in the National as well as Provincial Assemblies, will be wiped out of the Upper House. Allies in Punjab, PPP and PML-N will have tough contest to win majority seats. According to sources, a group of anti-Zardari PPP leaders along with PML-N leadership and some other 'influential circles' are backing PM Gilani to fully revive the parliamentary form of government under 1973 Constitution. Some political forces have conveyed to Gilani that they would be behind him if any unconstitutional act were initiated against him. There should be true parliamentary democracy in the country, they are asserting. Sources said the PM had strongly reacted when some appointments were made without bringing them into his (PM's) notice and President Zardari's joint press conference with the British PM Gorden Brown had also reflected that Gilani was ignored. The security circles also prefer the PM to the President due to former's soft stance on a number of issues, both regional and international, another source stated, adding they wanted that the PM should assert himself.