KARACHI - A number of NGOs from the platform of Citizens Against Zionist Aggression (CAZA) on Saturday condemned barbarian aggression on Gaza by Israeli cruel forces. As per detail, the above-mentioned NGOs took out a gigantic rally led by Sharafal Ali from (PILER), Anis Haroon from Aurat Foundation, Usman Baloch from Labour Workers Union and others. It was started from Press Club (KPC) to Regal Chowk attended by the eminent citizens, lawyers, doctors, artists, students, teachers, women and others belong to all walks of life. Later, the participants of the rally gathered outside KPC and staged a demonstration against the ongoing bombing by the Zionist army at Gaza. Addressing the participants, the speakers said that they had joined the civilized and peace-loving people across the world in condemning the brutality by the Israeli army against the civilian popu1ation of Gaza. Equally condemnable is the criminal support it gets from its imperialist patrons, particularly the neo-colonial lobby in the United States. They added that no less appalling and deplorable was the silence so studiously maintained by the United Nations as well as the so-called leadership of the Muslim world, including the government of Pakistan. They maintained that it seemed to be a part of a sinister conspiracy to exterminate the entire population of Palestine and erase its very existence. They said that the ghastly chapter in Israeli army's long history of bloodbath that began with its illegitimate birth in 1948. Since then hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people, mostly women and children have been massacred, forcibly evicted from hearths and homes and cold-bloodedly butchered in refugee camps. The speakers advocated that it was absolutely clear that Israel, with its present policies of savagery, had become an immediate and a biding threat to humanity and peace, not only in the Middle East but the entire world. The dream of peace and tranquility cannot be materialized until and unless Israel enjoys the unstinted support of US imperialism whose short- and long-term interests it represents and guards in the oil-rich Middle East, they added. They further told that going by its persistently belligerent conduct over the past 50 years together with its continuing genocidal activities, Israel more than meets all the conditions to be declared a rogue state by the world community. We demand, therefore, that the territory now comprising Israel be placed under direct international control. Any further delay would be perilous. We demand that Palestinians should have an independent state. It is imperative for world peace to secure the rights of the innocent peoples of Palestine. The Government should take a strong stand against the Imperialist powers reflecting the sentiments of humanity. We demand that Israel's aggression against the innocent people of Palestine must be stopped immediately and it should be declared a terrorist state.