ISLAMABAD - Once again the undue delay and state of indecision on introducing constitutional reforms package in the Parliament has put Pakistan Peoples Party and its allies in catch-22 position as the Opposition parties have taken the lead and one of the faction of Pakistan Muslim League had already tabled the 18th Amendment bill in the Upper House while the other (PML(N)) is about to table the similar bill in the Lower House on Monday (Jan. 12). The tabling of 18th Amendment bill by Q-League in the Senate had already created ripples on the political horizon of the country while more or less the bill containing the proposal of similar type of amendments in the much controversial 17th Amendment in the Constitution is going to be tabled by PML(N) in the National Assembly tomorrow, would put the ruling alliance in a very awkward position as the move would deprive them of fulfilling yet another promise they had made with the masses. Pakistan Peoples Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari in his maiden address to the Joint Sitting of the Parliament as President of Pakistan had promised to do away with Article 58(2)b and other distortions in the 1973 Constitution made during the dictatorial rules. Later the legal wizards of PPP-led coalition government had framed over 80-point draft constitutional package to bring about changes in the Constitution to restore its 1973 shape. The draft package was provided to all the political parties in the Parliament seeking their views on the same. But till filing of this report no political party had provided its input on the draft and even the ruling coalition partners -JUI(F) and ANP - had not responded to it and at the same time Pakistan Peoples Party had also tacitly pushed the issue down on their priority list. This state of affairs had prompted the political parties sitting on the Opposition benches to call the shots and once the Parliamentary Leader of PML(Q) Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and Engineer Amir Mukam had asked the ruling alliance to annul 17th Constitutional Amendment and offered complete support to them in making the Parliament stronger. They even went to the extent to table the bill from Opposition side to allay the ruling alliance's fear of its defeat as they were short of the requisite number to get it through from the Parliament. But once again in a state of confusion and indecision, which is becoming the hallmark of the ruling alliance, the government kept mum over the situation and PML(Q) took the lead by tabling the bill to do away with the controversial parts of 17th Amendment and 58(2)b in the Upper House of the Parliament about a month back. Now PML(N) leadership was all set to move the similar type of bill in the National Assembly on Monday(Jan 12) to clip the powers of the President of Pakistan and to make Parliament the supreme institution. The bill to be tabled on Monday in the Lower House of the Parliament would not create any immediate trouble for the ruling alliance as it would be referred to the relevant standing committee of the House for review and in the meantime the PPP-led coalition government would bring its own version of the amendments to strike balance between the offices of President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister, but the move would give great boost to the already high public image of the PML(N).