KARACHI - The owners of private schools have forced Sindh government from taking any official action against those private schools which continued classes even during the winter vacations. The vacations had been declared by the government from December 22 to 31, 2008. Directorate Private Institutions Sindh has warned 53 schools of continuing such practise in future. However, it is expected that the office of the Secretary Education Sindh would cancel the registrations of such schools on account of not complying to the rules and regulations of the government, as the directorate private institutions had already issued show cause notices to such schools of the metropolis. Influential and financially strong owners of such schools have once again exposed the authority-standing of Sindh Education Department. They are used to challenge the writ of the government by challenging the rules and regulations of the authorities concerned. The involvement of mammoth money in the private school sector reveals that majority of such schools and schools' organisations are working only with an objective to mint money in the disguise of education. It is a common trend at the private schools to do according to their desire or objectives regardless of the rules and regulations. Nearly, 3,000 to 4,000 unregistered private schools are working in the City. It is worth mentioning that huge practices of corruption in Sindh Education Department provide opportunities to powerful private schools' managements to run their matters according to their desires. Sindh Education Department is direly needed to start an effective campaign against such schools and form inspection teams to check admission policy, syllabus, fee and teachers' salary structure during their visit to private schools. When The Nation contacted Director Private Institutions Sindh Mansoob Siddiqui, he said that the government had warned the management of such schools that the such practice should not be repeated again. To a query, he said that the government had already constituted a committee under the chair of Rashid Rabbani, political adviser to the Sindh chief minister, to consider the issues related to the increasing dues of private schools.