Mohammad Shahzad says that PPP is the party of the poor. Then why does percentage of people below the poverty line increase every time PPP is in power. It is because the policy priorities of PPP are always wrong. It tries to look after the poor (the PPP voters) through schemes like 'Benazir Bheek Programme' and by giving 'unproductive' employment to Jiyalas in their thousands in industry and public sector, ruining efficiency and profitability of public corporations. A few thousand Jiyalas benefit and PPP's vote bank swells but the national economy suffers, and the overall poverty increases. The correct approach is to expand industry and agriculture, which create permanent employment for hundreds of thousands apart from earning foreign exchange through increased exports. The money wasted on a few thousand poor should be invested in setting up small-scale industry to help the poor on a permanent basis. The problem now is that industry and agriculture can only expand if there is sufficient water and power available. For that mega dams have to be built as is done the world over. But mega dams are not on PPP agenda. This is where their priorities are all wrong. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, January 4.