Leaders are representative of the people who vote them into power. They are they voice of their constituencies who have to represent the aspirations of their people but they must also be consistent with the national interest. Unfortunately members of the NWFP assembly are not doing that. Their reservations over the military operation in Swat, Bajaur and Khyber agencies do not fall in line with the exigencies of our national security. Their allegation that the military and militants are two faces of the same coin is tantamount to making mockery of the sacrifices offered by thousands of Pakistan military personnel. To say that hideouts of militants were in the knowledge of military but it intentionally avoided hitting them is an absolute outrage. Terrorism is a complex problem and over one hundred thousand military personnel are engaged in fighting this menace. Its intensity in the region is such that it has by now engulfed the whole of the FATA region. For instance, in the recent by-elections at Buner, a polling station was hit by a suicide bomber who killed 49 people on the spot. The NWFP provincial assembly members needed to voice their concern on this gory situation, giving a message to the people through a resolution. They could have found traces of Indian involvement in the Buner carnage. As it is, they chose to criticise the military instead. The military must not be used as a killing machine. To ferret out the militants from amongst the locals is a job of the political government. -SADAF DEWAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 4.