Karachi – Adamjee Life Growth fund performance during November saw a positive trend, the per unit NAVs (as of Jan 1st, 2012): were as follows:

Investment Secure Fund (S&A)        Bid 102.3909;    Offer 107.7799

Investment Multiplier Fund               Bid 101.3591;     Offer 106.6938

Investment Secure Fund (IFL)          Bid 100.4828;       Offer 103.5905

Investment Diversifier Fund             Bid 100.000;       Offer 103.0928  

For the first time in Pakistan Adamjee Life has launched a commodity based fund called Investment Diversifier Fund providing people the option to invest in commodities like in gold, silver and oil , which is the need of the time considering the decline and volatility of the equity market, says a press release.