While the first double Shah has met his end by being sentenced to a long imprisonment, our second double shah of irrigation i.e. Jamat Ali Shah has escaped to Canada in spite of being placed on ECL. This Shah had been hanging around the neck of Pakistan like a millstone for the past 15 years and playing a pro-Indian role in our water rights under the Indus basin treaty with colossal loss to Pakistan. His soft pedaling of our water rights facilitated India to build scores of dams on the Western rivers in Indian held Kashmir while delaying our water projects in our part of Kashmir. Unfortunately no one cares to find out the machinations of this second Double Shah who double-crossed the nation with his anti-state policies while the engineers also became silent spectators of the wily game being played against our vital interests of water i.e. lifeline of Pakistan. The successive governments must share the blame for their collective criminal neglect.

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti

Lahore, January10.