LAHORE – As the PML-N-led Punjab government increased the salaries of the policemen by 15 per cent in the fiscal budget 2011-12, the ratio of heinous crimes swelled to 24 per cent during 2011 in the provincial capital.

The Provincial Police Chief Javed Iqbal also moved several developmental projects – few also approved – to improve infrastructure of Punjab Police especially the City Police but the latter badly failed in coming up the aspirations of the Police Chief and the masses as well.

According to the police record, there is no let-up in the incidents of killings, dacoity-cum-murder, robberies, vehicles snatching, auto-theft, gang-rape and kidnapping for ransom.

Overall, crime of all categories gone up as around 82,678 cases of various nature were lodged in 78 police stations of the City till December 31, whereas the figure was 75,319 in 2010.

According to the statistics of the Metropolitan Police, the City Division led by SP (Operations) Anwar Khitran topped with addition of 3,343 incidents; Model Town led by SP Malik Awais secured second position with increase of 1,635 incidents whereas Saddar Division led by SP Shoaib Khurram remained on third with increase of 1,357 cases. Similarly, SP (Operations) Abdul Ghaffar of Iqbal Town Division secured fourth position with addition of 698 and Cantonment Police Division led by a SP Hashmat obtained fifth position with augmentation of 422 felony acts.

Civil Lines Police Division led by SP Omer Saeed Malik somehow managed to control the situation of law and order.

In 2011, CM also replaced the former CCPO Lahore Muhammad Aslam Tareen (current Additional IG Investigation Punjab) and former DIG (Operations) Rao Sardar Ali Khan (current RPO Sargodha) by current CCPO and DIG GM Dogar respectively.

Later, the CM himself and Provincial Police Chief expressed their dissatisfaction over poor performance and odd working style of the top cops of the City Police. The CCPO stated to the media as, “Give me only two month and then witness performance”. Now around seven to eight months have passed, and official statistics of the Police depicted a horrible picture.

According to official data of heinous crime, 633 people were killed with increase of 50 incidents, around 51 people were kidnapped for ransom and in few cases the abductors gunned down the abductees even after receiving the ransom amount. Similarly, in several cases the hardened criminals also gang raped the females during different dacoity bids but the victim families avoided sharing the incidents with the police department as 50 people were killed during dacoity bids.

The ratio of armed dacoitieis alarmingly increased in the City as overall 281 such incidents took place in six divisions in 2011 while the figure was only 155 in 2010. Likewise, 874 robberies were noted extra as compared to the ratio of 2010 in which around 3,319 cases of robberies were reported. The statistics show 180 cars/vehicles were snatched on gunpoint whereas 2363 cars/vehicles were stolen during this period. Similarly, 634 motorcycles were snatched at gunpoint.