SADIQABAD - Despite severe crises and loadshedding of gas and electricity, skyrocketing increase in their tariffs is tantamount to destroying the national economy and paving the way for civil disobedience and bloodshed, a traders’ leader and industrialist said. .

“By putting burden of the rulers’ luxuries on the masses, the government has proved that it is not interested in solving the people’s problems,” Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Member Mian Naveed Ali told the media. “The politicians who run their business abroad have no right to play with the masses’ destiny. The corrupt elements have left the country hollowed out. The looters of the country should be made a deterrent example by sending them to gallows.”

Naveed, who is also an industrialist, said that the opportunistic rulers’ flawed polices had brought the country on the brink of destruction, terming a key role of the youth a must to save the country. He added that the increasing lawlessness, unemployment and dearness was a result of the flawed policies which have also reduced the foreign investment in the country to a great extent.

The everyday and bulk increase in gas and electricity tariffs and prolonged outages have not only brought Pakistan’s industries on the verge of destruction but also severely affected the common man’s domestic budget, he observed.

The industrialist was of the view that the government was victimising the whole nation just to fulfil the IMF’s strict conditions. Because of closing down industries, the workers have gone unemployed. The rulers who came to power by chanting slogan of Roti, Kapra aur Makaan, wanted to snatch the last bite from the public’s mouth, he went on saying.

He said the national institutions like the PIA, Wapda and the Pakistan Railways were moving towards bankruptcy while Pakistani rupee was rapidly depreciating against US dollar and other countries’ currencies. On one hand, the poverty-hit people are committing collective suicides and on the other side, the rulers are enjoying their lavish life.