BAHAWALPUR - Senator Neelofar Bukhtiar has pledged her full support for the restoration of Bahawalpur province, terming it the local people’s right.

She was talking to the media during a meeting the Functional Committee of Senate for the remote areas to review the uplift schemes in South Punjab. She said the restoration was necessary for the development of the neglected areas, pledging that she would in the parliament vote in favour of the restoration. She added that

She said that she would raise a voice at high level for the development of Cholistan and would try her best for women’s welfare. She pledged an all-out effort for the betterment of the Cholistani women and to provide them with their due share of works. She expressed deep concern over the miseries of women and artistes and said that the handicrafts of Cholistan were not properly introduced which required better way for promotion, saying that she would properly introduce the art at a larger scale to provide better chances of promotion and demand of these handicrafts.

Meanwhile, she met with Cholistani artistes and assured them of her full cooperation, saying that she would visit the area again in the first week of February. She also criticised the government for what she said ignoring the cultural heritage of Bahawalpur and Cholistan. She added that she would draw attention of the rulers the Senate towards the preservation of Bahawalpur heritage including palaces and forts which were in dilapidated conditions.

She also flayed the alleged flawed policies of the rulers which deprived the people of progress and prosperity. She demanded that a fair share of development funds should be given to Bahawalpur. Meanwhile, the Functional Committee of the Senate headed by Senator Dr Abdul Malik held a meeting here and reviewed the development works and the utilisation of funds. The officials of different departments briefed the committee about the ongoing development schemes in South Punjab including Bahawalpur. Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani and Senator Khalid Mehmood Somoro were also present.

District President election: A meeting of the PML-N leaders from Bahawalpur district will be held at Raiwind on January 13, in which PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif will announce the new District President of the party.

It is pertinent to mention that PML-N District President Office is lying vacant since the death of former president MPA Chaudhry Mumtaz Jajja. MNAs Balighur Rehman, Ch Saud Majeed besides Khalid Jajja and Ali Hassan are expected candidates for the slot of PML-N District  President.