LAHORE - Apropos to the news item titled “Influential firm inflicts million of rupees loss to OGDCL” published in daily The Nation on 8th January, 2012, OGDCL rejects the allegations and confirms that news reflected assumptions and misinformation, says a press release.

The fact of the matter is that the case No. Proc-FA-CB/WS/CHEM-2349/766579/2011 was tendered on 10-05-2009 in press. As a result, 13 firms showed up, however eight (08) bidders were declared technically qualified which depicts that it was not a secret deal. Mis kemlon International, Canada was declared financially lowest therefore purchase order was established on 18-05-2010 with last date of shipment as 15-09-2010.

The vendor did not supply the material within the stipulated period and subsequently letter of credit was extended upon their request up to 25th April, 2011 along with imposition of 10pc late delivery charges which is as per rule of the company terms. Meanwhile a request to change the quoted manufacturer was regretted by OGDCL.

Later on, the vendor could not make shipment in the extended period of LC and LC was further extended up to 11-08-2011 on beneficiary’s account. It is apparent that no favour was given to the vendor rather later delivery charges were imposed on the vendor as per terms of the letter of credit.

Mis Kemlon International, Canada partially shipped 165 metric ton CMC-L V on 16th October, 2011 as first partial shipment for which the payment was made through LC after deduction of 10pc late delivery charges of total contract. However, as a result of lab analysis the shipment was rejected by OGDCL. The issue was taken up with the beneficiary of the LC and advised them to lift back the material after submitting bank guarantee equivalent to the value of partial shipment other wise OGDCL will consider to take action against as per the terms and conditions of the rules of the Company.