LAHORE – The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) has termed the Pakistan National Board’s recent meeting to bring uniformity in the postgraduate medical education all over the country a self-proclaimed step.

A spokesman for the CPSP said on Tuesday that every country in the world has one system of merit based post graduation, as compromise could be made on the quality of the education because the specialists has to handle the sensitive issue of human life.

He said that the US has American Boards, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa have fellowship programs FRCS, FRACS, FCSA, etc for surgeons and memberships in medicine e.g. MRCP, while nobody could become a consultant / professor without these must acquire qualifications.

He maintained that in 1962 history was created and a new era started in postgraduate education in Pakistan. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan was created by an act of Parliament with its initial only campus, current HQ, in Karachi.

He said that our qualification, FCPS, is recognized in KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, UK, Canada and a lot of Doctors are earning a decent living and getting adequately trained there.

The spokesman said that a National Uniform residency Programme exists and a single examination, FCPS part I, is administrated throughout Pakistan and only the successful candidates are then enrolled in the residency program in 147 recognized teaching institutions in Pakistan and – 104 Abroad.

He said that currently 14000 trainees are enrolled in the FCPS training programme under the tutelage of 2500 supervisors in approved teaching hospitals. Quality control, student rotations (exchanges), internal and external evaluation, e log systems already exist. Blooms Taxonomy was developed in 1956 and only cognitive Domain was addressed. The CPSP has moved on much beyond, this dream of PNB, and is following all three Domains e.g. cognitive, affective and Psychomotor even beyond.

He maintained that PNB has misinformed the media, as under the guise of a postgraduate medical education conference participants were invited to Nawab Shah and these have wrongly been quoted as PNB meeting participants.

He added that the biggest medical university in Pakistan UHS Lahore was absent from this list. The UHS has more institutions affiliated than perhaps the whole list of participants put together. CPSP the largest postgraduate programme (90% of all specialists) was not invited to this conference.

The spokesman said that the medical universities must strive to become centers of excellence in research and must run MS/MD/MPhil leading to PhD programs after FCPS as is the norm the world over.