LAHORE – Indian hackers on Tuesday hacked Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR) Punjab’s official website. DGPR staff is doing efforts to recover the website.

Soon after the hacking, Pakistan Cyber Army, an unidentified group of Pakistani hacker, has announced that they will revenge the incident.

According to report, the Indian hackers had placed unethical matter on the DGPR website. A firm namely Indishell is claiming credit for the hacking. Indishell, on the hacked website, criticised the atomic capability and claimed to win wars against Pakistan.

This is worth to mention here that this was not the first time that Indian hackers hacked a Pakistani website, in past many attempts were made to hack Pakistani websites. In response, the Pakistani based hackers also hacked many Indian websites.

IT experts say that totally stopping cyber crime is almost impossible, however, security of a website can be made strong through various options.