WASHINGTON - The Pentagon on Tuesday expressed hope that Pakistan would soon reopen the crucial supply routes to Afghanistan, but said no negotiations were being carried out on the issue.

"I am not aware of any negotiations as such to get them open," Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt John Kirby told reporters during an off camera news conference.

However, the US military personnel in Islamabad are talking with their Pakistani counterparts in this regard, he added.

"We are in routine, regular communication with the Pakistani military leaders, primarily the US Embassy in Islamabad and the defence officers there," he said.  "I think, we made it clear that we would like to have those routes open, but this is a decision that only the Pakistani government can make. They have not made decision yet," Kirby said.  The Pentagon official said the US commanders on the ground in Afghanistan are working on the stockpiles in the country and so far the closure of the supply routes has had no impact on the US operations inside Afghanistan.  "We would like these routes to be reopened. We do remain hopeful that these routes would be reopened sometime soon," Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said.