CHINIOT - Zakat Committee has not operating in the city for the last three years due to which poor people are suffering much, it has been learnt.

Reportedly, political groups belonging to PML-N are fighting for keeping grip on the said committee and the Punjab government is not in position to settle the matters between the groups. Even the district government has failed to play the decisive role. Due to said tussle between the groups, funds mounting to Rs45 million were lapsed last year.

It is worth mentioning that three months ago Dr RM Yaseen was appointed Zakat Committee Chairman but due to lack of cooperation of PML-N groups, he resigned from the said office. Due to non appointment of new district Zakat officers, 431 sub-committees could also not be formed. Almost 32,000 people who are entitled for Zakat are suffering for this negligence of the government. Poor people including patients and students, who were getting education on behalf of scholarships, are also suffering badly. Patients are also becoming victim as the Healthy Department and the govt hospitals are not treating them. Dowry fund previously fixed for the poor girls is also not being disbursed.

It is reported that District Zakat Officer and his staff are present in their offices but they are doing nothing. If Zakat committees are not formed till March this year, the fund for this year will also be wasted.

The citizens appealed to the Chief Minister to look into the matter and redress the grievance of the poor people.

Prolonged power cuts disturb people’s lives: Six-to-eight-hour prolonged loadshedding in the city and 20-hour long power outage to rural areas have badly disturbed the people’s life.

Meanwhile, the gas cuts have not only made hundreds of powerlooms labourers jobless but also increased problems for domestic consumers. Closure of TMA water turbines due to loadshedding has created acute water shortage. Outages also disturbed the students who are busy in exams preparation.

Condition of hospitals and health clinics is even worst and patients have to face difficulties with the availability of electricity. Different crops particularly of wheat crop are being affected due to non-availability of water.

Dispensary owner looted: Dacoit snatched a motorcycles, cash and medicines from a dispensary owner. As per details, Sagheer was going to his village after his duty when he reached near Chak Bahadar Patrolling Post, some armed dacoits intercepted him and snatched a motorcycle, cash and medicines from him. The police have registered the case.