ISLAMABAD - Suggesting to hold a national dialogue, President PML-Q Ch Shujat Hussain has said that the judiciary, government and army cannot afford any extreme step in the current scenario of the country and nor the Constitution of Pakistan permits it.

He was of the view that it was the demand of the current situation to collectively solve the issues with seriousness and cool mindedness.

"If we do not play any role for the unity, the history will not forgive us. We will have to adopt the policy of reconciliation," Shujat Hussain told the media.

He also said, "In a situation when the country is under internal and foreign threats, it cannot afford the clash of institutions. The state is more important than the politics and the government", he stated.

He added that it was the prime responsibility of the political parties and institutions to pull the nation out of the current uncertain situation.

Earlier, the PML-Q held a meeting at the residence of PML-Q Chief Ch Shujaat Hussain, which was attended by a number of party's parliamentarians to discuss the current political situation.

Sources said that the only focus of the meeting was to discuss the uncertain situation of the government, which has emerged after the Supreme Court's verdict in the NRO implementation case and memo gate scandal.

It is pertinent to mention here that PML-Q being a coalition partner in the centre has been supporting the PPP-led federal Government in memo gate scandal and a number of statements from PML-Q chief have been reported. However after the decision of Apex Court on NRO implementation case Ch Shujaat Hussain has demanded of the Government to immediately arrange a national dialogue and all the stakeholders should solve these issues with cool mindedness and seriousness.

Meanwhile, the leadership of PML-Q (Likeminded) also held a meeting at the residence of Hamayun Akhtar Khan who is secretary general of the party. The meeting was reportedly called to discuss the current situation after Supreme Court's verdict on NRO implementation case. The PML-Q (LM) is also going to arrange a press conference today in which the party leaders including Senator Salim Saifullah and Hamid Nasir Chattha would likely to address about the current political scenario of the country.