LAHORE – PML(N) President Nawaz Sharif has called an important party meeting in Raiwind today (Wednesday) to review and receive input from the party stalwarts on the situation after the Supreme Court decision on NRO through which the Court has given six options to the government to implement the decision.

The PML(N) meeting will be attended by all main leaders of party and will also take under consideration the SC proceedings with the memogate case, political situation and the party line of action particularly in case the PPP-led government continued to defy the court orders, say the party sources.  Meanwhile, the PML(N) has strongly reacted to the allegations levelled by Interior Minister Rahman Malik on former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The PML(N) rebuffed the charges that Nawaz Sharif had begged to Pervez Musharraf for going to Saudi Arabia and said the documents shown to the media by Malik have already been set aside by the Court of law. Spokesman of the Party Pervez Rashid says that no other politician in the country ever showed resolution and commitment as did Nawaz Sharif who bore every loss but never comprised on principles. The bits of papers Malik showed, he said, have already been discarded by the SC. He asked Rahman Malik to first account for the ‘sins’ which the SC has pointed out in its order. Ahsan Iqbal said the SC had allowed Nawaz Sharif to come back after dismissing all documents which Malik held in his hand before the media.