WARBURTON - The Lesco Warburton Sub-Division showed extra-efficiency by issuing electricity bill to two persons without installing electricity meter and power supply.

Reportedly, Rai Tahir Mehmood of nearby Tapiala Village and Abdul Hameed of Warburton applied for electricity connections and deposited the requisite fee following the issuance of issuance of demand notices by the authorities concerned. However, the Lesco authorities despite the fact that they were not provided with power connections, issued electricity bills amounting to Rs37,000 and Rs1,100 to both Rai Tahir Mehmood and Abdul Hameed, respectively.

The people of the area have expressed their astonishment over the attitude of the authorities and have asked the people at the helm of affairs to get sometime and check the performance of their departments as on the one hand people are being deprived of electricity supply through unprecedented outages while on the other, wrong and inflated electricity bills are being sent to them which is a great cause of worry for the public.