ISLAMAB7AD - None of the Pakistani male or female squash players has managed to give even an ordinary performance in the recently concluded British Junior Open in England.

No other than provinces should be blamed for it, as the provincial associations send names of players and genuine title contenders. They could have won laurels for the country, but were kept at bay blaming them of overage.

The shinning kids Ali Bokhari, Tayyab, Bilal and Amad Farid challenged the decision and went through medical at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. After going through complete check up, they got clean chits and were declared eligible to represent the country at any international junior event.

Who is working against Pakistan's interest? Whose brain is behind this malicious conspiracy against the country, as a sure chance of winning medals at British Open was wasted and that too to settle personal scores?

The associations could have resolve the issue of minor nature and conducted themselves age scrutiny under some reputed organisations and let these kids participate in one of the world's most prestigious squash events. But the associations had other designs that was the main reason that instead of picking the best of lot, associations picked not more than average players, who mostly got eliminated in the qualifying rounds, with the exception of two male players managed to reach second round and one player Asim Khan could force his way into the third round, the female side of the story speaks volumes, as despite drawing attention of the federation towards the shortage of female players, no heed was paid and Pakistani girls were thrown out of the event in qualifying round, with only Samar Anjum thanks mainly to getting a bye, reached first round and was well beaten by the eventual winner, Whitlock in the first round. It is the national and moral duty of Pakistan Squash federation to immediately conduct an impartial inquiry into this matter of grave concern and bring the culprits to task.