Corruption, both, political and administrative is not a new phenomenon anywhere but during this government, there have been countless cases of misuse of resources. Sindh sees its wealth is being withered away with little betterment to show in the living conditions of the average human being. It is because of the menace of corruption the Sindhis are stuck in ignorance and poverty. People are dying of hunger and disease. Repeated manmade and natural disasters coupled with flawed policies of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats have destroyed the rural economy in the province. The native Sindhis remain landless, underfed, and homeless, unemployed, badly represented in senior managerial positions in the federal government. The state of healthcare and education for Sindhis remains as it was four decades ago.

It’s a painful that vandalism and looting of public property is not seen as a crime against society. How come any government servant becomes the owner of a large commercial building and huge portions of agricultural land in the province? On the country, it is extremely difficult for an honest officer in the same scale to meet the fundamental needs of his family.

It is proposed that the wealth of the province, the heritage of Sindhis, shall be restored to the people; the natural resources including oil and gas wealth should be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole; all other industries and trade shall be controlled to assist the well-being of the people and not for a chosen few elite. Above all, the illegally gotten wealth of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats should be forfeited and distributed among the poor people.


Islamabad, January 7.