Finally, former Chairman Ogra Tauqeer Sadiq wanted for swindling the national kitty out of Rs 82 billion besides a number of other cases, has been arrested in Abu Dhabi with the help of Interpol. But such is the cycle of corruption that while it stops at one end, it starts spinning at another. Now it turns out that petrol worth billions of rupees has been stolen and the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum has asked for the arrest of MD PSO and MD Pak Arab Refinery (Parco). It is apparent that as the story leaks clamours about the loot go up in the media, reflecting poorly on the state of affairs and challenging the integrity of those at the helm. Consider the fact that the arrest of Ogra’s chairman has come about only after Supreme Court’s intervention. There are reports that he, being a relative of a powerful member of the ruling elite, was shielded by the federal setup, until pressure became so intense that he was given a safe passage to Dubai. Now that he has been arrested, it is hoped that he would be treated according to law, like a commoner.

If pocketing this much money is a routine; then there is absolutely no denying Nab’s Chairman’s revelation that the state is being robbed of Rs 13 billion every day. Looks like a virtual free for all!