BHAKKAR - A rift in the PML-N district Bhakkar chapter has erupted over the nomination of the party office-bearers by the district president, thereby dividing the party into two groups.

PML-N workers said that Zaffarullah Khan, the district president, had nominated as party office-bearers the people who celebrated the October 12, 1999 coup against the Nawaz government, distributed sweets, besides treading the party chief's pictures. They also said that the nominees then joined the PML -Q, adding that they did not have vote bank in Bhakkar. He alleged, "Since Najeebullah was not made the district leader of the PML-N, the latter is trying to weaken the party so that it could not get any seat from the district."

They further said that Niwani brothers are the strong candidates in the district and there are more chances of their victory as they were popular among the people, adding that the differences are being created to benefit the PTI. The workers have appealed to the party leadership to change the newly appointed persons immediately.