LAHROE  - Former foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri has said that the nation wants to see Pakistan according to the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and not of Mullah Umar. He said majority of Pakistanis did not believe in Talian’s interpretation of Islam.
He was addressing a seminar titled ‘Withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan’ organised by Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Friday. The seminar was presided over by Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri while Government College Township Lahore Principal Dr Ijaz Butt, Khalid Memood, Brig (r) Farooq Hameed Khan also spoke on the occasion.
The seminar was moderated by HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali.
Kasuri was of the view that withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was doubtful. He said first we have to look whether US would pull its all forces or it would only decrease the number of troops in Afghanistan . He said Robert Gates in his book says that although Obama administration declares war on terror as ‘good war’ but they were fed up of this war.
Kasuri said that Afghan did not like the policies of Pakistan government but the masses of both sides of the border had deep relationships. He said Pakistani was paying heavy price of war on terror.
He said we should realise Afghans that we wanted a prosperous Afghanistan . He said Afghanistan’s situation had a direct impact on Pakistan so we should take honest interest in establishing peace in Afghanistan .
“We should also use our influence to establish peace in Afghanistan . We should pave the ways for mutual cooperation between different countries of the region for peace. The elections would be held in Afghanistan in current year and if the masses did not accept the result of the elections, there may be civil war in the country,” former foreign minister said.
Dr Ijaz Butt said that Afghan Taliban were reality and an astonishing stability was witnessed in Afghanistan in the regime of Taliban. He said the Afghanistan issue had become complicated.
He said the issue could foil the peace in the region. He said we would have to face the music if we did not take right decision.
He further said that we have to safeguard our sovereignty. He said no one could stop the spread of Taliban till equal distribution of resources and elimination of poverty.
Brig (r) Farooq Hamid said that the supper power would withdraw its forces from Afghanistan after defeat in 2014 however the civil war situation in Afghanistan could be critical for Pakistan also.
 He said Afghanistan situation had a direct impact of Pakistan. He said if the future government of Afghanistan would be Pakistan friendly, India could not use Afghan soil against Pakistan.
He said peace in Afghanistan was need of the hour . He said we had been pushed into the proxy war but now we should separate ourselves from this war.
He said should formulate our foreign policy on the base of truth. He suggested we should adopt the policy of no interference and no favorite. “All stake holders should come on same page and take decision rationally,” he added.