The heroic sacrifice of a school boy from Hangu, Aitezaz Hasan has hit the headlines and moved the hearts of many in Pakistan. It is sad and encouraging at the same time to hear such a story where a young Pakistani boy bravely sacrificed his life to save the lives of all the children in the school. It is sad because he was so young and innocent.

His mother and father, his sisters and brother will miss him; he was a child who had dreams and plans which cannot ever come true, but his life was not wasted it was sacrificed for the lives of so many other children whose dreams and plans can now come true.

It is inspirational to know that we have a young generation who is capable of sacrifice. Sometimes we tend to say that things are so bad in Pakistan and that there is no hope but then someone like Aitezaz gives us hope for a better future of our country. Aitezaz’s example encourages us to do more to unite the nation and let it not be divided in ethnic, sectarian or provincialism to please a few of our enemies. We have to prove that good wins over evil.

So far the incident of this heroic sacrifice hasn’t moved our government, neither at the center or the provincial to award the child and his family and claim them as heroes as they truly are. We hope that the government will appropriately decorate this brave teenager. In the case of Malala they immediately woke up when foreign masters took up the case of Malala projection for their own propaganda. We must not let foreigners use our sacrifices by our children to further their aims in showing Pakistan as a nation ruled by terrorists.


Karachi, January 9.