Los Angeles (BTG): Jennifer Aniston apparently looked to Justin Theroux as inspiration to change up her movie choices. The American actress is best known for playing Rachel Green in hit sitcom Friends, and has also enjoyed a successful rom-com movie career. Her latest project however sees her move away from the fun, romantic lead character. In Cake she plays a woman suffering from chronic, debilitating pain, both emotionally and physically. ‘Jen has spent most of her adult life trying to please other people and live up to an ideal image of herself.

Then about 18 months ago she asked herself, ‘Is this what I want?’ Sure, she has the money, the lifestyle and the adulation. But when she looks back on her career the one real legacy she’s going to leave is Rachel from Friends. That pulled her up short,’ an insider divulged to British magazine Grazia. ‘And she got to thinking that instead of chasing the blockbusters, maybe it was time to think about the art. Justin was a huge inspiration because he’s that intense kind of actor and comes from a family of overachievers. With him at her shoulder she hasn’t looked back. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen her.’ The move away from rom-coms was a bold one, but has paid off for the actress. Playing Claire in Cake has landed her a best actress Golden Globe and SAG nomination, and she’s hotly tipped to win the Oscar. It’s rumoured the 45-year-old has hired consultant Lisa Taback, dubbed the Oscar whisperer, to help her go home with gold. ‘The bottom line is that they need to get all the right people to watch her movie, and the awards Jen’s already been nominated for will definitely help. But you still have to campaign hard. It’s like an election - you don’t stop until the very last moment. ‘Having Justin on board is crucial, too. He’s been amazing, shelving a lot of work commitments so he can support her. It’s enough to make her want to marry him tomorrow,’ the insider added.