The finalisation of security arrangements for the educational institutions has become a challenge for the government despite the prolonged closure of schools and colleges across the province.

The government has given the directions to reopen the schools on January 12 but the security arrangements have not been finalised. On the other hand, the opportunists have jumped into the market and caused artificial shortage of barbed wire as the shopkeepers have doubled its price. Likewise, also the security gadgets have vanished from the market.

In Punjab, there are 5,3000 government schools and most of them do not even have boundary walls while a number of them have less than 5-feet high walls. For boundary walls of the schools, barbed wire, walkthrough gates and CCTV cameras, around Rs75 billion is required but the government released only Rs2 billion for the purpose. On the other hand, it has decided to take action against the headmasters in case of failure to complete the security arrangements.

In Rahim Yar Khan, there are 3,271 government and 615 private schools while the number of private colleges is 70. On the orders of district police, one-week training course for the security guards is in progress for which services of expert instructor have been attained.