Establishment of military courts, in the wake of Peshawar’s deadly terrorist attack has provoked heated debate on electronic and print media. The advocates of military courts voted in favour, thereby pleading speedy trails, while the critics argued that military courts would limit the sovereignty of the civilian judicial system. It is feared by some that these courts could become a mini martial law in the country in the presence of a democratic government. The fact is that these courts are established to provide speedy justice. The idea of these courts does not hinge upon any personal whim or to please any specific group. The 21st Amendment is incorporated to execute the terrorists posing grave security risk. Since the whole nation has declared war against terrorism, as their war, the civilian and military leadership is on the same page. Why are some groups making a hue and cry? The focus should be on the extermination of non state actors, rather than the way adopted to hang them. It is also important that the investigation process should be fair and transparent, ensuring that only the terrorists are put on trial and hanged.


Lahore, January 8.