ISLAMABAD - The federal government on Saturday indicated that it would not form the proposed Judicial Commission (JC), for investigation into alleged rigging in 2013 general elections, under the terms of reference (ToRs) as wanted by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) as its basic demand of reopening of election results of four NA constituencies had already met.

Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid while addressing a press conference saidelection tribunals had already completed the vote recount of four constituencies of National Assembly as demanded by PTI and so its basic demand of votes' recount of four NA constituencies had been met.

"Imran Khan wants such ToRs of the proposed JC that had already been addressed by the election tribunals and he did not want a commission to probe those allegations which had been levelling while standing on the container," he said, indirectly saying that the government wanted the formation of JC under its ToRs.

PTI chief Imran Khan has recently given a fresh deadline to the government, asking it to form the commission for investigation into alleged rigging of last general election until 18th of this month otherwise his party would re-launch its protest movement.

The minister said that the local commission had submitted its votes recount report of NA-122 to the Election Tribunal and according to the report Speaker National Assembly had got more votes as announced earlier than the losing candidate Imran Khan. He also said that other election tribunals had already given verdicts on three other NA constituencies, including of Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khawaja Muhammad Asif (both winning candidates) and of PTI' Jehangir Tareen (losing candidates). "All election tribunals have given their verdicts in favour of candidates of PML-N candidates," he said. He said that now the PTI chairman should accept the results and renounce his protest movement. "We all were waiting for the decision (of vote recount of NA-122) as it was our need and our pain as well," the information minister said, adding that the government wanted that impartial election tribunals could countersign its truth officially. "Today the election tribunals had decided and its report had been sent to the Election Commission," he said.

Pervaiz said votes of NA-122 had been recounted under the ToRs decided by the Election Tribunal Lahore that also included after recounting the ballot papers polled to the petitioner and the returned candidate, the Commission shall prepare statement of the results of the count in form XVI. The votes had been recounted under the parameters set by ECP which include which vote was genuine or which was fake, which ballot paper was without signatures of presiding officer, which ballot paper was unmarked, etc. He said that the petition of Imran Khan was devoid of those allegations, which he had been levelling while standing on the container and during recount; the representatives of both sides were present. "Both sides have accepted the recount process," he said, adding that none of the allegation of Imran Khan had proved true. He request Imran Khan to end politic of protest at a time when the right direction had been set to end terrorism as a result of consensus after the December 16 incident. "There is long life for politics, Imran Khan can speak on loadshedding, on the performance of the government to end terrorism but he should not befool the masses with the allegations of rigging," he said. He said, "We should give a message to the martyred children that they were behind their enemies." He said that Imran Khan should end the protest's politics in the same way he closed one door of protest by paying his electricity bills the other day.

PML-N MNA Danyal Aziz said that all three constituencies, including of Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khawaja Asif and Saddiq Baloch (where Jehangir Tareen lost elections), the PTI loosing candidates had either accepted their defeat or they during recount lost elections more votes than announced in the general elections. "In all these petitions, there was no mention of 35 punctures, or of the involvement of former CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry," he said.

Anusha Rehman said that 93 per cent of PTI candidates accepted elections results and 7 per cent candidates went to tribunals and among these 85 percent decisions came against them. "And now with the demand of Judicial Commission they wanted audit of election results in a new manner with their own ToRs," she said.

Responding to a question, the minister said he did not want to give his opinion whether the government would form JC after the decision of NA-122 or not and the question should be asked to Imran Khan. About a question whether the prime minister would go to Imran Khan ' residence to congratulate him on his wedding, he said that as far as he knew PM, he would not go as it was not good to attend this ceremony till the Chehlum of martyred children.

Responding to minister’s press conference, Central Information Secretary PTI Dr Shireen Mazari said, "He knows it was not a recount of votes (of NA-122) that was ordered but an audit of the votes." Already major irregularities like 30,000 bogus votes; 100 polling stations with no Forms XIV and XV as required under the election laws; duplicate ballots with same serial nos; duplicate attested form XIV for same polling station with different results; etc have been pointed out in NA-122. "The list of these major irregularities in NA-122 clearly points to rigging and the culpability of Returning Officers," she said. She said it should now wait for the report to be made public.