LAHORE - In order to ensure security arrangements and in view of threat of terrorism, Punjab government has introduced legal reforms for protection of important and sensitive installations.

The government has enforced Ordinance 2015 for protection of sensitive installations in the province, under which security advisory committees will ascertain sensitive installations in their jurisdiction and ensure inspection on quarterly basis in every district. Necessary steps will be taken for protection of these places in the light of instructions of these committees.

Worship places, government offices, NGOs, foreign projects, hospitals, banks, financial institutions, offices of companies, industrial units, educational institutions, public parks, private clinics, marriage halls, petrol pumps, CNG stations, hotels, recreational places, commercial markets and bus stands of public transport will be included in these installations. If any person will violate this Ordinance or fail to implement government instructions in this regard, he can be awarded six months imprisonment and a fine from Rs50,000 to Rs0.1 million.

Punjab government has also enforced Tenancy Ordinance 2015 for property dealers and owners of houses, under which it will be binding upon property dealers, owners and tenants to provide complete particulars of tenants to police within 48 hours of renting out the house. Similarly, hotel owners/managers will provide complete particulars of the guests to the concerned police within three hours of renting a room to the guest.

No person other than students or staff will stay in any hostel without prior written permission from the manager and hostel manager will provide particulars of concerned person to the police within three hours of entry in the hostel.

Owners, property dealers or managers will ensure that guest or tenant have the computerised identity card or passport and its copy will immediately be provided to the police. It will also be ensured that the tenant or guest has no weapon or explosive material. In case of licensed weapon, manager will make entry of weapon and inform the police. Six months imprisonment and a fine from Rs10,000 to Rs0.1m can be imposed in case violation of these instructions.

Punjab government has appealed to the people to play their effective role in eliminating terrorism and prove to be a responsible citizen.