Daniel Radcliffe is excited by the prospect of children, but isn’t ready to become a dad just yet. The British actor is currently loved up with fellow thespian Erin Darke, and is often joined by her on the red carpet.

When the British edition of Cosmopolitan quizzed Daniel on his relationship role models, he had no hesitation in picking his parents. ‘My mum and dad,’ he smiled to the publication. ‘They are definitely best friends and they’ve been together for more than 30 years. They were best friends before they became husband and wife. It’s amazing.’

While marriage isn’t on Daniel’s agenda just yet, he has been thinking about children. Admitting to being an old romantic, the 25-year-old loves to go out for candlelit dinners with Erin and even confesses to writing the odd love poem. Thanks to gaining worldwide fame playing boy wizard Harry Potter as a pre-teen, Daniel has grown up in the limelight. He feels settled with his star status now, and is looking towards the future and starting a family one day.

‘There was a time when I felt older than my years. I had been forced to grow up a lot quicker than people around me but I’ve slowed down at some point, because now I feel my age. I’ve never been one to think about marriage, but I have often thought about kids,’ he revealed. ‘Seeing a lot of my friends have them and the positive effect it has on their lives excites me. But I’m also in no rush to do it. There’s plenty of time for that.’