LAHORE - The seminaries, which are not involved in any extremist activities, should not be afraid of inspection or scrutiny by government’s security agencies, PAT central president Dr Raheeq Abbasi said on Saturday.  He expressed these views while.

Addressing a press conference along with PAT allies of Inqilaab drive at party’s central secretariat at Model Town, Abbasi said that the time had come to start an operation against the sympathisers and supporters of extremists in the political parties. The government would have to eliminate the terrorists hiding among their ranks, he added.

PAT allies were represented by Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslimeen leader Allama Nasir Sherazi, Sunni Ittehad Council leader Mufti Mohammed Karim and others.

“Had the government fulfilled its duties under Article 25 of the constitution and provided free education to the needy children, they would have never gone to these unregistered seminaries and studied unapproved syllabus,” the PAT leader regretted.

He demanded from the government to immediately register all the madaaris, adding that those who did not get themselves registered should not be allowed to operate. He also demanded that strict action should be taken against those who were funding the unregistered seminaries.

The PAT president said that it was the duty of the government to ensure security of the schools reopening on Monday. Raheeq claimed that the Rawalpindi suicide bombing established the fact that the government had done nothing for the safety of the citizens and no religious ceremony or place was safe from terrorists.

He alleged that the government had promoted Tauqeer Shah to grade 22 and appointed him as an ambassador in WTO for his services which he rendered while supervising the massacre of Model Town. PAT would announce its new strategy concerning the Model Town incident in next few days, he announced.