Islamabad - Security pickets set up by police at different roads of Islamabad have become headache for the motorists as long queues are formed during rush hours allowing just a single vehicle to pass through the cement blocks placed on roads.

What is more antagonising to the motorists is that the policemen deployed to check the vehicles never bother to look inside the vehicle and keep sitting on chairs placed at a distance.

While the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan after taking over had ordered to remove most of the pickets to lessen the inconvenience of the people, the police have presumably persuaded him that the pickets were necessary for security. But what the police high-ups do not realise is the difficulties of the travelling people.

Most recently a picket has been set up at the exit flyover of Zero Point which has become a nuisance. In the evening and at night when vehicles are moving at normal speed of around 60-km per hour they suddenly have to apply brakes near this picket. Some vehicles either collided with each other or they hit the cemented road blocks because there is no warning sign of the picket at a safe distance to enable the driver to slow down.

Because of these pickets and closure of some of roads due to construction work of metro bus project, there is heavy traffic on roads that vehicles are allowed to use.  

The Model Traffic Police of Islamabad which was created to facilitate the motorists has returned to the methods of their predecessors. They keep standing at different crossings and when the motorists try to get of the traffic mess, they are stopped and fined. A particular site of this high handedness is the flyover of Faisal Avenue. On Saturday there were more than half a dozen police officers and they had stopped vehicles to fine them instead of helping in smooth flow of traffic.