LAHORE: The party of Imran Khan yesterday gave birth to third major group under the name of ‘Workers’ Alliance Group’ ahead of new intra-party polls.

Senior PTI leader Hamid Khan leading the new camp made the announcement saying the new group constituted to purge the party of corrupt leaders apparently close to the party chairman.

The two previous major groups which exist in the party known by the names of Ideological Group and Unity Group. The two came into existence before the first intra-party polls held in 2013. The third key group has also come into light before the new intra-party polls to be announced by Tasneem Noorani party’s election commissioner on January 15.

Hamid Khan is close to Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed whose commission’s report found rigging practices by party leaders to buy their way into party offices in the result of 2013 intra-party polls. Imran Khan in May 2015 dissolved the party organizations as a result of the recommendations of Ahmed commission’s report for new party polls.

At the announce of the Workers Alliance Group, Hamid Khan tasked the members of the new camp to cleanse the party of status quo forces seemingly controlling the decisions of Imran Khan contrary to party’s founding principles.

“The corrupt around Imran Khan didn’t let the diehard or real workers to access him and they should muster support against the opportunists around Imran to show them the door in the new intra-party polls,” said Hamid while addressing the members of new group.

According to members of the group, Muhammad Madni would possibly their candidate for Punjab president slot in the new party polls.

The Unity Group is believed to be the strongest among the party which has Jahangir Khan Tareen on its strength who is currently leading this camp. The founding head of the group is Shah Mehmood Qureshi who is out of the picture as Tareen is more close to party chairman than Qureshi which made the former vice chairman of the party less effective in Unity camp.

The Ideological Group was led by Javed Hashmi who parted ways with Imran Khan during Azadi sit-in in 2014. Ijaz Chaudhary Punjab’s former president, Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed party’s ex-City chapter president and Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader are among the two key figures of the Ideological camp.

Hamid Khan was once part of the Ideological camp distanced himself from the group when former camp members refused their open support for Justice (r) Wajih who wanted Imran Khan to expel the leaders from party which found involved in rigging during the 2013 party polls.

Hamid had broken away from Ideological for sure when Imran suspended party membership of Wajih for publicly demanding the expulsion of corrupt party leaders and his camp did not raise voice.

Wajih’s commission recommended expulsion of four senior party members on the account of bribing the intra-party polls process in 2013. Two of the members he wanted out of the party include Unity camp’s new leader Jahangir Khan Tareen and his close associate Aleem Khan.