islamabad - Pedestrian overhead bridges installed at Islamabad Expressway have become interchanges for most of the motorcyclists and rickshaw drivers who use these bridges to switch from one side of the road to other.

This irresponsible attitude of these drivers and riders is not only a sheer violation of traffic rules but it is also creating hindrances for the pedestrians who use these bridges. In a situation when there is already a low trend of using these bridges by the pedestrians, the careless attitude of motorcyclists is raising further questions on the discipline of the masses. “It is really irritating when the motorcycles and even rickshaws pass over the bridge leaving little space for the pedestrians,” said Qasim Nawaz, a resident of Zia Masjid.

Talking to APP he said the bridge was made for pedestrians but it has now become a service road for the motorcyclists and others. On the other hand, the lethargic and irresponsible attitude of the masses is not only turning this huge investment a waste but also resulting in frequent accidents on the expressway.

“It is really frustrating when pedestrians suddenly jump on the road where the vehicle travels at a brisk pace causing severe hindrance to the motorists,” Yasir Azim, a private car owner, who travels daily on the Expressway, said. He said he had personally witnessed a number of incidents where the pedestrians were either hit or the drivers, in a bid to save the pedestrians, faced severe accidents, adding there is a need to educate masses about the use of these bridges.

A traffic police official, while talking to APP, agreed that the bridges are being used by the motorcyclists, saying his department is working to discourage this trend, and in this regard, a large number people have been fined.

He said the police are doing their best to educate masses about the use of these bridges by arranging different programmes, adding a number of signboards have also been installed on the highway to guide the road users in this regard.