I wish to provide some perspective on the overall sanitation and cleanliness system in Rawalpindi City. The worse sanitation conditions particularly, in the city have deteriorated resulting in outbreak of dangerous diseases such a ‘Dengue Fever’ being the most highlighted and burning health issue these days. It has been reported from different media sources that nearly 3,900 patients have been tested positive for dengue fever at the three teaching hospitals in town so far that has set a new record as in one year alone, it has been reported that more cases have been tested showing positive results which, ultimately have broken the previous year’s record, from 2006-2014.

According to a number of health experts, in the years that followed, dengue had been getting more and more intense with every passing year and if proper preventive measures are not taken well in time, the population in this region would have to face a more intense and deadly outbreak of the infection in the year to come, in 2016. It is my own personal observation that garbage and stinking materials are found on streets, open plots and corners of roads, and also in the small channels of Nallah-Lehi resulting in water in the houses during rain.

Measures which can be taken by the cantonment board and local body authorities to prevent this includes turning over pails and buckets, so they don’t collect excessive water; to spray mosquito repellents in all areas of the city; to clean the trash that is found everywhere and also to run a ‘dengue awareness campaign’ to inform the citizens about preventive measures. This way, we can clean our city by getting rid of un-wanted water, garbage, infections.


Islamabad, December 6.