On Monday the 11th of January, former Pakistani t20 captain Mohammad Hafeez posted a picture with Rafael Nadal to his Twitter account, the picture showed him standing alongside the tennis star at what seemed like an airport.

A day before this picture was posted, on Sunday the 10th of January; Pakistani cricketer Sohaib Maqsood had already shared a similar image on his official Facebook page. The picture showed Maqsood standing beside former world number one tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal.

At first look, the picture looked alright. Both were standing visibly tired and sweaty, and it was basically just another normal picture of two athletes embracing each other, one slightly more excited than the other. The picture had no caption, but after about a few minutes, Maqsood decided that the image was definitely not getting the amount of attention and praise it deserved. And he figured the reason must be that maybe Pakistanis couldn’t recognize the world acclaimed tennis player standing next to him and maybe by telling them his name they might realize how big of a deal this actually was! What happened next was either a huge mistake made by Maqsood himself, or he was just being trolled by someone else. Maqsood went ahead and wrote down this caption with the picture: “With Roger Federer”. If what Maqsood wanted was popularity for his picture, then that is exactly what he got, maybe not in the way he’d expected but the picture still got really popular.

Unlike the batsman himself, all the people in the comments knew who the tennis star actually was and he was corrected instantly in the comments. Maybe Maqsood panicked at seeing the bulk of corrections being thrown at him in the comments section because he instantly changed the caption of the picture. But in his panic, he got Nadal’s name wrong once again, he misspelled Rafael and wrote “With Rafal Nadal” instead. He was again corrected and his response was quick once again. This time he finally managed to get the man’s name right, he wrote: “With Rafael Nadal”. But Maqsood was still not happy. The picture was just way too cool for such a standard caption. Maqsood thought over it, and after a few minutes, the caption changed once again. This time, he wrote: “With Rafa Nadal”. This, Maqsood was happy with. After this, there were no further changes to the picture or the caption.