There is a great deal of prejudice with regards to the media coverage recently. The USA fired hundreds of cruise missiles into Iraq from the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf during the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lies.

It also unleashed an unprecedented amount of sorties and bombs. Now it is Russia’s turn in Syria and suddenly, their use becomes profoundly disagreeable and not on ‘proper’ targets. Iraq lost hundreds of thousands dead and injured almost 3 million fled as refugees and we left the place broken down economically, socially and physically. Are we unable to comprehend our own hypocrisy? Whom are we alarming that someone else is doing something immoral? Can we not accept that we had done all that Russia has embarked upon? It is not after all with all the foregone conclusions misery to the populace, no future democratic way of life in site, fragmentation of a society and importantly, with no clear way out.

Stop this propaganda war of words against Russia even if they are wrong in their approach. We did exactly the same. There is much blood on our hands.


Rawalpindi, December 6.