Th former army chief, General (retired) Raheel Sharif has not informed the army nor has he sought a no objection certificate (NOC) from the government prior to accepting his post as chief of 39-nation Islamic military coalition.

Minister for Defence Khawaja Asif told the Senate that the federal government was as of yet unaware of any development regarding Raheel Sharif 's appointment as head of the coalition.

The defence minister said it was mandatory for Raheel Sharif , as is for every other retired army officer, to seek an NOC from the defence ministry before embarking on any new assignment abroad.

Asif's remarks came after the upper house sought details from the government over Raheel Sharif development. The defence minister himself confirmed that the former army chief had been appointed head of the Riyadh-based anti-terror alliance.

A former army officer earlier said Raheel Sharif had set 'three conditions' prior to taking up the command of the military alliance. According to Lt-Gen (retired) Amjad Shoaib, the former army chief said he will "not work under anyone’s command, wants Iran to be included in the alliance, and will act as an arbitrator if there is a need to promote harmony among Muslim countries."