When Misbah Ul Haq took over captaincy, Pakistan had just lost two captains, one to a sudden retirement and one to spot fixing. Pakistan were a hopeless Test team. Six years later Pakistan traveled to Australia after having been number one with a hope, that of beating Australia in Australia for the first time in 20 years, to be the only team other than South Africa to beat them at home in five years. Team Misbah gave you the right to dream, the right to have expectations; this team made you proud, but this team eventually let you down. Pakistan again lost the series 3-0 – they had lost the previous three series by the same margin. However, this hurt more because this team, unlike previous teams, had given you hope.

For six years, Pakistan defied odds and logic, outlasted every other team in the world in terms of 'home' domination and became a force in Test cricket again. And then Pakistan came crashing down. It was perhaps inevitable, but hurt nonetheless.

Considering what has transpired, considering the context, Pakistan should be hurt but Pakistan should also be proud of Team Misbah . Unfortunately that is not the case because of the grumpy old narrative makers. Because of the Yahya Hussainis and Doctor Nauman Niazes of this world; because of the inadequate agenda-driven journalism that has crippled our cricket even more so than the cricket board.

Doctor Nauman Niaz, who once praised Misbah when he was winning everything, is now saying we all should be ashamed of Misbah.

Dear Nauman, we should be ashamed of Misbah and proud of you?

You, who claim to have played domestic cricket when there is actually no record of it?

You, who were called a waste of time, money and everything when part of the PCB management?

You, who were once under investigation for sexual harassment?

You, who spend taxpayers’ money and take credit for inviting foreigners to Pakistan?

You, who created your own Wikipedia page?

You, who take u-turns depending on who you are doing a show with?

You, who questioned Wasim Akram’s integrity on your own shows and now constantly go gaga over him?

You, who can’t sell any other sport than cricket?

You, who said the PSL will fail and then jumped on the bandwagon sooner than you can say bandwagon?

You, who despite being director of a TV channel would rather sit on TV himself all day long?

You, who one month later will be signing Misbah’s praises just like you sang Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik and co’s?

Now let’s move on to Mr. Yahya Hussaini . The difference between Yayha and Nauman is that Yayha is a slightly diminished version of Nauman – less powerful and also less delusional.

Unlike Nauman, he doesn’t make fake personal achievement claims. He has had an agenda against Team Misbah since day one so his comments really don’t matter. Nevertheless, let me still say a few things.

Dear Yayha Hussaini, if you think you are appreciated or even have one percent credibility, you are wrong. You have done more harm to Pakistan’s cricket than cricket being taken away from Pakistan.

Had a sports channel or broadcasting culture developed in Pakistan, you would never have been on screen, not even behind it.

Dear Nauman and Yahya, you guys are examples to us all. We all tell ourselves, come what may, we will never be like them.

To everyone else, yes we should be disappointed with Pakistan’s performance, but to take digs at our great players is uncalled-for and very immature.