America seems to decline in its unipolarity. Its economic, military powerful influence, agitation and overall unipolar might has been rapidly going down globally. In this connection, Russian military power and Chinese economic might have been playing a game-changing role in changing world order from unipolar to multipolar. America acts like a boss, but factually and openly it is no more hegemonic state.

The US, a predator state, has been following the tactless and harmful policies in international relations since the inauguration of Donald Trump’s era. However, the disastrous decision of rejecting to join Paris Agreement for the consequences of climate change is the foremost fatal idea. Most recently, Trump has reignited the flame of violence in Middle Eastern states by considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is more likely to mention that such destructive and malign policies prove Trump a mantel, tactless and psycho patient and that lead America towards deep decline.


Shikarpur, December 25.