LAHORE -  Customs authorities on Wednesday arrested a Czech woman recovering nine kilograms of heroin from her possession at the Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The 21-year-old Czech woman, Tereza Hluskova, successfully crossed the checking counters of Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) carrying narcotics in her luggage. However, she was intercepted by Customs officers when she approached their counter and during luggage search 9 Kg heroin was recovered. She was smuggling the narcotics from Lahore to Abu Dhabi. The woman was in Pakistan on a three-month family visit visa which was issued on November 15 and valid till February 14. Customs officials refused to hand over the woman to ANF officials and shifted her to Customs House, Investigation and Prosecution Wing.

The Customs officer said that raids were being conducted in different parts of the city as per the information shared by the woman.

During preliminary investigation, the accused lady told the investigators that it was her fourth visit to Pakistan out of which two times she successfully travelled from Islamabad airport while one time from Lahore airport and on her fourth visit she was apprehended at the hand of Customs authorities. She disclosed that a man named TT Tariq was her business partner, however, Customs officer was reluctant to share more information with this scribe.

He said, “We have sent the lady to Kotlakhpat Jail on judicial remand”.

On June 21, 2017, a mother and her son were arrested from Lahore airport over smuggling allegations. Heroin was hidden in a secret portion of her son’s bag, according to the ANF.

The passengers were travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Smuggling incidents are on the rise from Lahore airport but customs and ANF staff is also performing duties vigilantly.