MULTAN-Experts stressed on Wednesday a need for adopting precautionary measures to prevent seasonal influenza.

Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Vice Chancellor (VC) Dr Tahir Ameen said awareness should be created in the masses on the causes for the spread of the disease besides launching research projects to control the influenza.

Addressing a seminar organised by the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, the VC added that the scientists locate the reasons that caused the spread of flu. He was of the opinion that the people did not need to get frightened from the influenza rather they should ensure adoption of precautionary measures to protect themselves from it.

Speaking on the occasion, institute director Dr Saed Akhtar said that prevention is better than cure. “We can prevent big threats by adopting small precautions,” he added. He noted that the youth needed to stay more careful since they had more social contacts than other sections of society.

Dr Asghar Javed said that flu patients immediately be brought to the hospital as first few hours were very important. “If the patient is brought to the doctor early, he or she can be treated,” he added.

Dr Mudassir Nazir, Dr Waseemul Hassan Ramzi and others said that the people avoid shaking hands with the patients, wash their hands repeatedly, use mask and keep our surroundings clean. They added that the people take good and balanced diet based on proteins besides increasing the use of soups. The participants of the seminar brought out a rally for awareness creation.