Islamabad - Commercial buildings in F series of sectors stay atop in building codes’ violations as the Capital Development Authority is going to start a campaign to curb the illegality, said CDA officials on Wednesday.

Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz had directed the civic agency’s building control section to take strict action against those violating the building by-laws. He said that building regulation was crucial to save precious lives and properties in the capital. He also warned that no laxity would be tolerated in implementing the rules. He directed the BCS to expand its area of operation beyond the sectors of the city.

The directorate few weeks back detected several violations as it scanned major sectors of the city. Several notices were issued while construction work being carried out in violation of CDA building by-laws was also stopped. According to the CDA record, as many as 390 cases of building codes’ violations had been detected in the recent survey.

In the survey, commercial buildings in F series of the sectors were found involved in violations of the by-laws more than other sectors. The sectors include F-6 with 15 such violations, F-7 with 32, F-8 with 33, F-10 with 82 and F-11 with 7 such violations.

Similarly, the BCS detected 103 such violations collectively in ‘I’ series of the sectors. The G series had 114 such violations, according to the data. G-9 sector witnessed 32 violations followed by sector G-10 with 29 such violations.

These violations were in addition to the 109 societies which the CDA had already declared as illegal.

According to the officials at the BCS, campaign against the building code violations would start soon. The concerned director said that the directorate would soon start a campaign against the owners of the buildings which are not in conformity with the prevalent laws.